Training provided

When you purchase your crimper from Bosch Hydraulic Connections Ltd, we offer certified training for your employees.

 Continental Contitechs PC-125

Did you Know at Bosch we carry equipment and accessories? We stock crimpers, hose saws, purges, hose racks, carts and more.

We offer crimper loaner programs. Contact us for qualifications and details, at 780 413-0904

A great crimper to look into is the PC125:


The PC125 portable crimper with its open design, removable
pusher and easy to use, spring loaded die set, is designed for
higher production volume and repetitive use. Crimp diameter is
set and controlled with an easy to read micrometer.
The PC125 is packaged for shop service and includes the crimper
and 1 HP, 110V electric pump on a common base, compression
ring, pressure plate, magnetized die ring pusher, stop/start
remote pendant switch, metric micrometer, adjustable coupling
stop and adjustable retraction stop.


Easy to read, fully adjustable metric micrometer allows precise
setting of crimp diameters to an accuracy of +/-.1mm
Open design with vertical feed for good operator visibility.
Removable pusher and spring loaded die set for easy loading
Magnetized pusher to attach compression ring for repetitive use
35 ton cylinder
Automatic shut off for precise crimps
Adjustable Retraction Stop limits ram retractions for quick
repetitive crimps
Adjustable coupling stop for accurate, repetitive positioning of
the assembly inside the dies
Two piece, slide in die design for easy installation.
Common base for bench mounting
Color coded die sets to speed die selection and set-up
1 HP, 110V pump
Pneumatic activation (no electric wires) of remote pendant


1/4" through 1 1/4" ID, 2 wire braid hose and 1" ID 4-spiral hose
with all coupling end styles including most bent tubes.