Category: Lubricants

80W90 Engine Oil, 1L Jug

Hydraulic Oil

Part # OIL-80W90-1

Container Jug
Type Gear Lube
Weight 80W90

80W90 Engine Oil, 0.946L Jug

Provides excellent extreme-pressure properties, wear resistance, oxidation stability, and protection from rust, corrosion and foaming.

Reduced Wear: Superior extreme pressure (EP) properties reduce wear in heavily loaded gear sets where hydrodynamic lubrication may not be complete.

  • Oil Durability: Excellent oxidation stability reduces oil degradation from high temperatures and enables long drain intervals
  • Rust and Corrosion Protection: Outstanding protection against rust and corrosion assures protection of the gear box materials from contamination
  • Foam Control: Superior foam reduction aids in reducing oxidation and fluid film break down