Duct Tape
EZ Break Copper Grade Anti Seize and Lube Compound
EZ Break Copper Twist stick anti-seize and lube
Fas-Mark Cap n Cover Paint Blk
Free All the Rust Eater
Kleen Flo Super Rust Paint Gloss Black 
Kleen-flo Brake & Parts Kleen
Kleen-flo Rust Breaker quik penetrating solvent
La-Co Loc Anaerobic Thread Sealant
Leak Tech Gold Leak Detector
Locomotive Cleaner
Lube It All deep lubricating oil
Maxtron GL Synthetic Gear Oil
MP Gear Lube
Pipe Thread Seal Tape, Economy
Pipe Thread Seal Tape, Slic-Tite PTFE
Pyramex Lens Wipes (box)
Slic-tite high density PTFE thread tape
Slic-tite paste with ptfe heavy duty pipe thread compound
Soft  Set Pipe thread Sealent
Sprayon CD888 Glass Cleaner
Sprayon LU103 Rustbreaker Rust Penetrant
Sprayon LU711 The Protector All purpose Lubricant
Sprayon SP 607 Belt Dressing
Thred Gard Anti Seize & Lubricating Compound Copper Based
Thred Gard Anti Seize & Lubricating Compound General Purpose
Tubotowel Multipurpose Wipes
Turbo-Power Windshield Cleaner 
Work Sav'r Power Scrub
Zip Joint Gasket Maker tape with PTFE
Zinc Free HVI ISO32 Hydraulic Fluid 34532
Engine Oil 15W40 25671
Hydraulic Oil ISO AW 46 33420
Low Temp Hydraulic Oil HVI ISO13 42222
Tenax 10W 1711
Tenax 30W 1713
Multi-Purpose ATF 1676
Hydraulic Oil ISO AW22 63380
Antiwear Hydraulic Fluid 33415