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Holmbury is one of the most respected names in the hydraulic coupling industry. Holmbury products are engineered and precision-built to meet or exceed the most demanding applications. 
Have a look at the following results when Holmbury product was put to the test under 1200 hours of salt spray conditions:


Salt Spray Test


Holmbury Zinc Nickel plated couplings complete 1200 hour salt spray test without any signs of fatigue or red rust. Holmbury recently submitted a selection of their zinc nickel plated couplings for testing alongside several competitor solutions. The results were quite remarkable and proved beyond doubt that Holmbury offers the most effective corrosion protection currently on the market. Zinc nickel plating is available as standard on several of their product series and available as an option on many others. 

A total of eight couplings, which included Holmbury zinc nickel and trivalent plated couplings, were submitted initially for 480 hours of salt spray exposure according to ASTM B117. All samples were exposed according to the instructions provided in ASTM B117, “Standard Procedure for Operating Salt Spray (Fog) Apparatus”. As the test reached its conclusion it became clear that the Holmbury zinc nickel plating would far exceed the 480 hour mark. The test was then continued in order to ascertain the failure point for the zinc nickel plated couplings.


Look at the test results with images here:


Benefits of Holmbury Connect Under Pressure Couplers



BVC 2 SERIES                                                                         PSB SERIES

BVC 3 SERIES                      HSS SERIES                            PSP SERIES 

BVS 2 SERIES                      HTN SERIES                           PTC SERIES

BVS 3 SERIES                      IA FORD SERIES                    PTS SERIES

CV SERIES                            IA SERIES                               PWC SERIES

CVS SERIES                          IAPC SERIES                         PWS SERIES

DIN B SERIES                       IAS SERIES                            RS-RK-RH SERIES

DIN V SERIES                       IAP SERIES                           SHS SERIES

DTP SERIES                          IAPC SERIES                         SP SERIES

DUST CAPS/PLUGS            IB SERIES                              SR 90 SERIES

F SERIES                                IBB SERIES                           SRIL SERIES

H90 SERIES                           IBS SERIES                           TB SERIES

HFT SERIES                           LC SERIES                            TC SERIES 

HP SERIES                             MACH MULTIPLATE       TEST POINTS & HOSES

HCP Series                             P SERIES                              VPC SERIES

HQ SERIES                             PATTERN CHANGER       WELDABLE DPOC

HS SERIES                             PLC SERIES                         WSC SERIES

HSC SERIES                          PS SERIES


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