The Hydraulic Connection for March


An ounce of prevention

is worth a pound of cure.

When it comes to equipment, spotting issues before they escalate can save you a lot of grief and some serious cash. 
The cost associated with a hose left to operate in a damaged state: 

can  be  much more than initially meets the eye. 

  • Poor equipment performance can result from even slow leakage.
  • Potential injuries and/or damage to equipment may occur from blowouts.
  • Potential fluid injection injuries may occur from pinhole leaks.
  • Lost sales from equipment down time.
  • Cleanup costs resulting from leaks and spills (detergents, absorbents etc)
  • The cost of replacement oil.
  • An increase in overtime or additional labor costs required to deal with the spill and to catch up on deadlines.

When bringing in a hose for replacement, always specify what type of equipment it came off of, and what fluid it was used for.

This helps the techs' identify the hose's requirements such as if the new hose will be exposed to high levels of friction, pressure, corrosives or temperature extremes. 


You know it's time to replace your hose when:

•    You notice oil leakage. Whether you find tiny pinhole leaks, slow weeping, or a significant leak; all are a clear indicator that the integrity of the hose has been compromised and it is time to have it replaced before it escalates.
•    If you see what looks like blisters or bubbles on the hose or if it appears brittle. 
•    If the outer casing on the hose is visibly damaged. (You may notice it appears dried out or charred).
•    If you see cracks. Some may already be visible, or you may notice cracks form when the hose is bent. 
•    If the hose has burst, it clearly needs replaced. In the event this occurred it's a good time to write down what cleanup supplies you need while picking up your new hose.


Hmm, I've got a part and it looks like this?

We stock a handy little kit by Continental ContiTech that will help take the guesswork away.


Tube assemblies

  • We offer a wide range of Metric and Imperial tubing
  • (up to 2" for Imperial, or 38mm for Metric).
  • Tubing can be bent to match your sample or a drawing.
  • Ends can be flared or brazed on to match your needs.
  • If you are in need of a large number of tubes, production runs are possible.


We've all heard the saying time is money. 

•    We offer a 24 hour emergency service to handle your emergency needs and save you down time.
•    We have a crimper loaner program as well as a crimper training program, in which your people are trained right on your site and certified upon successful completion of our hose assembly course.
•    Call 780-413-0904 for details.



•    Crimpers
•    Hose Saws
•    Reel Racks
•    Storage Cabinets / Bins
•    Test Benches
•    Pegging Tool / Purge Guns


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 We Carry a Variety of Hose Protection:

•    Spring Guard
•    Spiral Wrap
•    Safety Sleeves

Nuvo-Guard's beveled spiral wrap provides safe and economic protection of hydraulic and pneumatic hoses. 

Spiral guard significantly reduces the possibility of hose failure.

This helps prevent against down time.